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Since 1936, we have proudly served the electric power, low voltage technology, natural gas, and telecommunications industries.

With offices in 12 states and 2,700+ highly skilled Teammates, we work closely every day with Customers throughout the United States. Team Fishel is your Best Choice for Utility Engineering, Construction, Installation and Maintenance.


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For Utility Engineering, Construction, Installation and Maintenance for our Customers, Teammates and Suppliers.

Team Fishel Core Values

Team Fishel Core Values

Ken Fishel

Fishelosophy & Our History

Founder: Ken Fishel

Ken Fishel founded The Fishel Company in 1936 when the working wage was 60 cents an hour. He was committed to providing the Customer a high quality job at a fair price. His thought was simple, "the working men and women are the salt of the Earth - we need to take good care of them and they’ll take good care of us." Ken's values have been passed down three generations.

Fast forward 87 years, Team Fishel now has 2,700+ Teammates with offices in 12 states who are committed to providing our Customers with on-time best value solutions that meet their project needs and deadlines. Over the years, our service offerings have greatly expanded, and our equipment may look a little different, but our mission to be The Best Choice for our Utility Engineering, Construction, Installation and Maintenance Customers, Teammates, and Suppliers has not changed.

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