The Best Choice for Utility Construction in Texas

September 03, 2019

Dallas-Fort Worth is one of the most important telecommunications centers in the U.S. The area’s “Telecom Corridor” is home to hundreds of carriers/service providers, many of which demand reliable, expert utility construction services to expand and maintain their operations. Team Fishel is always glad to help.

Deep roots in the Texas telecom industry

Over the past thirty years, Team Fishel has worked for some of the biggest players in the telecom industry. Our Dallas and Houston operations have built infrastructure, placed countless miles of conduit and installed fiber optic cable that connects business and industry, residential neighborhoods, municipalities, hospitals and schools. With additional capabilities in Electric Distribution construction, we are still going strong!

Shared Core Values lead the way

Team Fishel’s success in Texas is undoubtedly rooted in its Shared Core Values – the commitment to High Performance and Being the Solution, regardless of the challenge.

“We’ve got to be focused,” said Randy Blair, Executive Vice President & COO. “We’ve got to think through the challenge and we hit it head on. Regardless of what it is. You look at the project, you figure out a solution, you put a plan in place, and you look the customer in the eye and say, ‘We’ll get it done.’”

Customers know Team Fishel’s capabilities. They depend on us to Be the Solution for the long term, and we deliver again and again. That level of High Performance makes Team Fishel the Best Choice for Utility Construction in Texas and throughout the nation!

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