Team Fishel’s Kentucky operation covers all the bases!

October 16, 2019

When it comes to utility construction, Team Fishel’s Kentucky operation covers all the bases. Leading with safety first and foremost, the division emphasizes that every Teammate is at the center of Team Fishel’s dynamic safety culture – all day, every day. From an operational standpoint, the division provides comprehensive utility construction services with proven expertise in the Natural Gas and Electric Distribution, Broadband Telecommunications and Low Voltage Technologies.

Serving Customers throughout Kentucky

Team Fishel maintains full-service construction offices in Louisville and Lexington, giving the Kentucky operation a large geographic footprint. With well-trained Teammates and fully equipped crews in both locations, Team Fishel serves public utilities, municipalities, and cable/internet providers throughout much of the state.

Additionally, the Kentucky Technologies division provides enterprise-wide low voltage solutions including structured cabling, data center infrastructure and installation, wireless networks and commercial security. Team Fishel’s RCDDs and BICSI-Certified Technicians install communications networks for Customers in healthcare, financial, education, manufacturing, and advanced logistics.

Electric Lineworker Apprentice Program

The Kentucky operation also plays a major role in pursuing Team Fishel’s #1 core value to Be Accident Free. Louisville is an active training center for the company’s Electric Lineworker Apprentice Program. The intensive 4-year curriculum produces certified electric Lineworkers who will maintain Team Fishel’s expertise in electrical distribution installation, maintenance and repair. In the Natural Gas segment, Team Fishel’s Operator Qualification (OQ) program ensures that Kentucky Teammates receive the most up-to-date training available on gas installation methods and safety procedures.

With a vigorous commitment to safety, excellent training programs and service capabilities in Natural Gas, Electric, Telecom and Low Voltage Technologies, the Kentucky operation definitely has all their bases covered. They will continue to win!