Team Fishel Shared Core Values stand strong!

February 01, 2019

New Year’s resolutions get lots of play every January. Folks think about them, write them down, and move forward with confidence. But despite best intentions, most resolutions have been long abandoned by the time the calendar changes to February. That never happens with Team Fishel’s Shared Core Values.

Unlike most New Year’s resolutions, Team Fishel’s Shared Core Values endure. They are a way of life for Fishel Teammates and provide reliable guidance while on the job, at home and in the community. They are also always worth revisiting, so let’s take a look.

Be Accident Free
Team Fishel empowers Teammates to make safe choices and we hold each other accountable for safe behavior.

Honor Our Commitments
We understand that our reputation is built on the promises we keep. We do what we say we will do for our Customers, Teammates and Suppliers.

Promote Team Fishel
We champion teamwork and we look and act professional in everything we do. Every Teammate is a salesperson.

Be the Solution 
We embrace Customer challenges and find innovative ways to perform our work. Team Fishel is in the business of overcoming obstacles.

Commit To High Performance
We hire, develop, and retain high-performing Teammates who live our values. We choose to work with Customers and Suppliers who respect our values. We hold ourselves and our teams accountable for meeting or exceeding our documented high performance standards.

Fund the Cash Profit Sharing Plan
Fishel Teammates think and act like owners. Each Teammate is personally responsible for and shares in our success.

Remain Union Free
We believe direct communication and collaboration with our Teammates is the best model.

Business and industry experience continual change. Through it all, our Shared Core Values stand strong and help Team Fishel remain The Best Choice in Utility Engineering, Construction, Installation and Maintenance!