Team Fishel named CCS Safety Certified Contractor!

October 04, 2019

Team Fishel always leads with its #1 Shared Core Value – Be Accident Free. Our Teammates throughout the nation work hard to make Accident Free a reality every day. And when another organization recognizes our commitment to safety, it feels great! That happened in September – in a big way!

The Indiana-based Coalition for Construction Safety (CCS) has recognized Team Fishel as a Safety Certified Contractor, the highest level awarded in the CCS Safety Certification Program.  Although Team Fishel has attained lower levels of CCS certification since its first application in 2010, Compliance Administrator Aimee Lumbard explained that earning Safety Certified status is a first-time achievement.

“2019 is the first time ever since 2010 that we have made it to the elite group of Safety Certified Contractors,” Lumbard said.

Making the grade for CCS Safety Certified

The requirements for CCS Safety Certified status are demanding. To make the grade, a construction company must satisfy multiple criteria established by CCS including a comprehensive Safety Program Review:

  • A three-year average TRIR and DART rate equal to or less than 80% of the national average for the company’s NAICS code
  • Have no cited fatalities for the past three years
  • Meet all the mandatory criteria listed on the CCS Safety Program Review Scorecard
  • Score 50% or higher on the Safety Program Review of best practices
  • Pass a home office audit

The Safety Program Review involves an extensive section-by-section audit of a company’s entire safety manual, training manuals and employment policy manuals.  As part of the process, CCS also does a detailed review of the company’s best practices. Scoring 50% or higher on the best practices review is a major factor that helps elevate a company to Safety Certified Contractor status.

“By submitting our best practices to CCS, we are confirming that we take the extra step to ensure that we are doing everything possible to keep our Teammates and the general public safe every day,” Lumbard said.

In-House Safety Coordinator Rebecca McCollum agreed. “Best practices are an opportunity to go above and beyond what we say we are going to do in our manuals,” she said. “It proves that we’ve taken the extra step to make sure that our Teammates are the safest and that we are the Best Choice.”

Finally, candidates for Safety Certified status must pass a Home Office Audit. For companies with corporate offices outside Indiana, the process involves a virtual audit conducted online.  The audit verifies that candidates utilize and document the processes set forth in their Safety Manuals and best practices. Refusal to participate will have a negative effect on a company’s certification status.

Overall, Safety Certified “is a really high bar to reach,” Lumbard said. “They (CCS) consider this a very elite group for safety.”

“Earning Safety Certified status opens up so many opportunities for Team Fishel,” McCollum added. “When a customer or potential customer visits the CCS website and sees Team Fishel listed as a ‘Safety Certified Contractor’, it separates us from the pack.”

Being recognized as a Safety Certified Contractor by CCS is a major achievement and a great honor for Team Fishel. The certification is testimony to the quality of our safety program and our ongoing pursuit to be Accident Free. But we cannot rest on our laurels. The CCS Certification Program operates on an annual renewal basis, and we will be evaluated again next year. The good news: we’ve done it once and we can do it again! Congratulations, Teammates!