Team Fishel Las Vegas – the Best Choice in Nevada!

March 18, 2020

When Team Fishel’s Western Region expanded to Nevada in the early 2000s, who knew for certain what the future would bring? Fast forward approximately 15 years. Today, our Las Vegas operation thrives as a respected provider of Electric Distribution and Broadband construction services. And they have accomplished some outstanding projects along the way! Here are several highlights.

A leader in Electric Distribution

The Team Fishel Las Vegas operation was awarded the NV Energy Construction/Cable Replacement Contract in 2005. Since that time, Fishel Teammates have:

  • Installed over 200 miles of 2" PVC conduit through residential neighborhoods. Their work enables NV Energy crews to pull through new 1/0 electric cable, replacing old 1/0 that was direct buried years ago.
  • Installed over 50 miles of underground conduits during emergency situations, often working round the clock until installation is complete.
  • Performed Underground Trench and Substructure work for the majority of NV Energy funded Capital Improvement Projects.
  • Performed many conduit and manhole re-locations for Municipality Road Improvement Projects, including Downtown Las Vegas.

Based on consistent High Performance trench and substructure projects, Team Fishel is widely revered as NV Energy’s Best Choice for New Business Underground, Relocations, & Cable Replacements, both planned & emergency.

Experts in Broadband Infrastructure

In 2008, the Las Vegas division installed a 12,000 foot fiber line upgrade for AT&T under the streets in downtown Las Vegas. The project required extensive coordination with the city, county and Nevada Department of Transportation. Team Fishel successfully met the challenge of boring through the harsh caliche soil often encountered in the Vegas area.

In 2014, Las Vegas Teammates completed a 15,000-foot build to install a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) that brought Wi-Fi service to people and businesses along the Las Vegas Strip.

In 2016, Teammates plowed through hills of the Mojave Desert to replace a fiber optic cable line running from Las Vegas to Victorville, CA. Throughout the process, crews took special care not to disturb Native American lands in the Mojave Natural Preserve. They also learned how to work safely near the natural habitat of desert tortoises and various protected species of vegetation. As a result, Team Fishel completed the job efficiently while taking good care of these historical and natural treasures.

Team Fishel’s Las Vegas division has completed hundreds of other electric and broadband projects over the years. Their work brought new utility service or upgraded existing service for people throughout the Las Vegas community. And while many of those projects may not have garnered headlines, they were immensely important to both Team Fishel’s utility customers and the public.

A reputation for safe, reliable work and Being the Solution keeps Team Fishel’s Las Vegas division the Best Choice in Nevada.