Team Fishel Commercial Security keeps businesses safe

February 12, 2019

Team Fishel’s Commercial Security division continues to grow, providing integrated security solutions to organizations throughout the Ohio/Kentucky region. Today our products include Access Control, Intrusion Protection and Video Monitoring as well as Integrated Security Services that keep every application operating at peak performance. Team Fishel commercial security systems are fully customized to meet each customer’s requirements for protecting people, property and equipment.

Access Control

Controlling facility access is an essential component of an organization’s overall security plan. Team Fishel designs, installs and maintains scalable Access Control solutions that range from stand-alone systems for a single door to enterprise-wide systems controlling hundreds of doors in multiple facilities.

Video Solutions

Video monitoring adds valuable enhancements to commercial security programs. As with our Access Control systems, Team Fishel Video Solutions can be designed to monitor a single business entrance or an expansive campus environment. Our enterprise-level video solutions include video analytics, event monitoring and web/mobile security management.

Commercial Intrusion Protection

Regardless of the type or size of a facility, Team Fishel provides intrusion alarm systems that protect against unauthorized or unlawful access. Our advanced alarm monitoring, notification services and video verification solutions help reduce false alarm fees and increase intruder apprehensions.

Integrated Security Services

Keeping a business facility secure for the long term demands continuous system monitoring, rapid response to malfunctions, and preventive maintenance to ensure that every security application is fully operational at all times. Team Fishel offers comprehensive security services across all of our product lines, creating a total security solution that our customers can count on 24/7/365.

By combining our commercial security expertise and strong partnerships with the security industry’s best manufacturers and distributors, Team Fishel can design, deliver and support a customized security solution that satisfies each customer’s unique requirements. Our ability to provide enterprise-wide security solutions along with our expertise in Low Voltage Technologies gives us a true competitive advantage in the commercial security marketplace.