Team Fishel Commercial Security is on the move!

March 05, 2020

Cybersecurity gets high priority in corporate boardrooms these days. With cyber threats frequently in the news, and more technology options than ever, it is no surprise that CIOs and IT Directors are taking charge of security systems for their organizations. But although physical security may not garner as many headlines as cyber-attacks, the commercial security industry is also at the forefront of protecting both networks and property. Physical security integrators such as Team Fishel Commercial Security work closely with CIOs and IT Directors to ensure that both facilities and data are securely protected.

In fact, the trend toward convergence of physical security, cybersecurity and business continuity management is driven by companies’ desire for better alignment of security strategy with corporate goals. The idea is to have security/risk management functions work together seamlessly, closing the gaps and vulnerabilities that exist in the space between functions. A 2019 study conducted by the ASIS Foundation, The State of Security Convergence in the United States, Europe, and India, noted the growing need for greater communication and collaboration.

According to the study, “Fully two-thirds of organizations reported that their physical security, cybersecurity, and/or business continuity departments or functions are working closely together either through convergence, partial integration, or collaboration.”

Amidst this evolution in business security, Team Fishel’s Commercial Security division remains on top of its game. Utilizing Intrusion Protection, Video Monitoring, Access Control, and Fire & Life Safety equipment from leading manufacturers, the division provides customized security solutions for single facilities or enterprise-wide applications.

Team Fishel Commercial Security adds staff, expertise

The Commercial Security division has also expanded its reach in 2020, pushing deeper into both Ohio and Kentucky markets.  Shawn Guagenti, Security Sales Consultant (Columbus) will continue to develop the Columbus market and Chuck Beatty, Technical Sales System Engineer (Cincinnati) will continue growing Team Fishel’s Commercial Security business in the Cincinnati area. Their efforts are supported by several new Teammates: Ryan Gast, Security Sales Consultant (Cincinnati); Gus Dattilo, Security Sales Consultant (Louisville); Cody McCrae, Technical Sales System Engineer (Louisville); and Cody Sobas, Technical Sales System Engineer (Columbus). The expanded Commercial Security team gives Team Fishel a larger geographic footprint in the Commercial Security industry, creating more opportunities to work with existing clients while also developing new prospects.

Training and certification are Team Fishel priorities

As in other industry segments, Team Fishel takes great care to ensure that its Commercial Security Engineers and Technicians are properly trained and certified on the security products and solutions they recommend. In fact, the major manufacturers require that distributors and installers obtain formal certification on their products.

 “There is much to be said for a security systems integrator such as Team Fishel that takes great pride in providing the proper training and certification for its security engineers and technicians,” noted Matt Orioli, PSP, and Director of Team Fishel’s Commercial Security Division. “It really builds customer confidence in our ability to deliver the best commercial security solutions through our industry leading installation and service offerings." 

Orioli recently earned his Physical Security Professional (PSP) certification from ASIS International. The PSP designation recognizes Industry Professionals who have a comprehensive understanding of the needs for Physical Security at the enterprise level.

“It’s not only about the equipment options for commercial security,” Orioli said. “But also having a strategic understanding of what our customers' most important security needs are by providing comprehensive solutions in access control, video surveillance, intrusion protection and services. These solutions give our customers the confidence in knowing that their facilities, employees and assets are protected to the highest standard in quality and care with Team Fishel. "

Forging ahead in 2020

Team Fishel Commercial Security is headed in a great direction for 2020. Building on the model for success established in Columbus, the division continues to focus on key vertical markets including Healthcare, Financial, Higher Education and Manufacturing. Customer confidence in our Teammates is exceptionally strong. And best of all, we continue to grow, increasing our knowledge and expertise with each new project.