Summer Safety Challenge an opportunity to 'OWN IT!'

July 12, 2019

Team Fishel’s 4th Annual Summer Safety Challenge kicked off in June and continues through Labor Day. As always, summer is our busiest work season, but it can be the most dangerous season as well. Longer work days and hotter weather create additional stress for Teammates and also increase the risk of accidents. The Summer Safety Challenge contest helps everyone focus on daily safety awareness while adding a bit of friendly competition to the work day.


“In the past we've seen our divisions get very competitive during this challenge,” said Rebecca Mccollum, In-House Safety Coordinator. “The winning divisions have set a tone of taking ownership of their safety culture, which is the message we deliver during our Safety Leadership Experience.” The 2019 Safety Challenge takes a cue from past winners, encouraging all contestants to own their culture and lead with safety.

“This year we are challenging each division to ‘OWN IT’”, Mccollum added. “That means developing the leadership skills, personal accountability, and discipline to make the right decisions. As an organization we look forward to celebrating with the winners of this year’s competition.” 

Safety Challenge adds elimination round for 2019

Scoring for the Safety Challenge is basically the same as in previous years. Throughout the contest, each division is evaluated and awarded points based on key performance indicators: injuries, job damages, vehicle accidents and DOT score. Points are also awarded for High Impact Training and Job Site Inspections.

However, a couple of the rules have been slightly modified and a new rule has been added. It’s a big one! This year’s Safety Challenge includes an elimination round! Every division is eligible and competes during the month of June. But when results are published at the end of July, the divisions placing last in the Large Group, Small Group and Specialty categories will drop out of the contest.

Who will take home the Summer Safety Challenge trophy?

Of course, the big question is: Who is going to win? In 2018, the Virginia division dominated the Large Group category by a huge margin. Can they repeat?  In the Small Group category, Pennsylvania took the honors, but they had run neck-and-neck with the California division throughout the contest. Will another division emerge victorious in 2019? Or will the Small Group category be another SoCal vs. Pennsylvania nail-biter? Stay tuned!

Tips for beating the heat!

Higher summer temperatures also increase the risk of heat illness, one of the most serious challenges to Teammate safety and health. To prevent that from happening, follow these common sense guidelines for beating the heat. And please share them with family and friends! Heat illness can strike anyone.

  • Stay hydrated! Drink plenty of water!
  • Don’t forget to use sunscreen.
  • Take breaks in a shaded area if possible. Make sure children do as well!
  • Learn to spot the common symptoms of heat illness.
  • If you spot anyone showing symptoms of heat illness, get help immediately!
  • Know what to do in an emergency. Every minute is important!

As we push through another busy summer season, let’s enjoy the Safety Challenge, be extra careful in the heat, and focus on being Accident Free!  And let’s make sure we really OWN IT!