National Lineman Appreciation Day – a day to say “Thank You!”

April 17, 2020

Saturday, April 18 is National Lineman Appreciation Day 2020! At Team Fishel, we believe it is an event to be celebrated by residents of every city, town and rural community throughout the nation. Although they seldom receive public acclaim, electrical lineworkers have played a huge role in the electrification of America. They have served on the front lines of electric construction since the1890s, ultimately building the power grid that blankets the nation from east to west.

Today’s electrical lineworkers are highly trained professionals who construct, install and maintain the electric lines that power industrial complexes, manufacturing facilities, businesses and homes throughout the country. They are also first responders who lead emergency restoration efforts when powerful storms take down power lines, leaving people without heat, light, air conditioning and refrigeration. Electrical lineworkers most certainly deserve our recognition and applause!

Team Fishel Electrical Lineworkers stand among the best!

Speaking of severe weather, power outages and restoration service, Team Fishel’s electrical lineworkers have a long history of mobilizing quickly and traveling far. A look at any of the major storms in recent years places Team Fishel at the center of the action. Supported by hundreds of Teammates and convoys of equipment, our electrical lineworkers have rendered outstanding service in many areas of the country. Spend a few minutes with the slide show below to see what we mean. And the next time you see an electrical lineworker in your town, remember to say “Thank You!”


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