JL Malone introduces Transformer Start-Up Services

July 30, 2019

JL Malone, an operating subsidiary of The Fishel Company, recently added comprehensive Transformer Start-up Services to its capabilities. A well-known name in the electric substation construction industry, JL Malone has built electric substations for customers throughout the Southeastern United States since 1969. The new transformer service division is a natural extension of the company’s construction expertise that offers significant benefits for customers.

Comprehensive Transformer Start-Up Services

JL Malone’s Transformer Start-Up Services cover the installation, maintenance, and service of transformers and breakers for manufacturers and their customers. The comprehensive program includes the following services which can be configured to best fit a customer’s needs:

  • Receiving the transformer on-site
  • Inspecting the main tank, off-loading, and placing the transformer on the foundation
  • Performing an inventory and inspection of all accessories
  • Megger the core ground
  • Installing radiators with piping and pumps; bushings, conservator tank and top piping
  • Perform continuous documentation during vacuum processing and oil filling
  • Utilize 3rd party NETA certified companies to conduct and record final tests

Improved Efficiency and Safety

Transformer manufacturers and their customers gain a huge advantage by working with JL Malone from project start to finish. Having a single vendor perform the entire project, from substation construction through transformer start-up, improves efficiency and can potentially result in cost savings as well. And most important, customers can rely on JL Malone’s unwavering commitment to the safety of its Teammates, customers and their representatives, and the general public. In fact, being Accident Free is the #1 Core Value for JL Malone and its parent company, Team Fishel.

Transformer Start-Up may be the newest addition to JL Malone’s services. But when you package it with the ability to construct electric power substations from the ground up, the combination definitely merits consideration. In fact, it’s hard to beat!