Florida Operation defines Team Fishel’s “expeditionary force”!

July 20, 2020

With offices in Tampa and Orlando, Team Fishel's Florida operation serves a broad corridor of the Sunshine State from Tampa’s Gulf Coast to the Atlantic seaboard. The Florida division specializes in electric distribution and broadband services, providing construction, installation and maintenance to investor-owned utilities, municipalities and telecom providers throughout the region. But the division’s impact doesn’t stop there. The Florida operation has a very big footprint that often makes a difference for people and communities far beyond the Florida state lines.

Certified Electric Lineworkers deployed across the U.S.

Both the Tampa and Orlando offices are training centers for Team Fishel’s Electric Lineworker Apprenticeship Program. The challenging 4-year curriculum produces certified Electric Lineworkers who are the backbone of overhead and underground electric operations in Team Fishel offices throughout the country.

Emergency Restoration Services

When hurricanes, flooding or snowstorms strike, Team Fishel mobilizes quickly to reach areas in need. Large numbers of Teammates, well-equipped convoys and Mobile Command Centers often deploy from Tampa and Orlando to render assistance throughout the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic regions. The Florida division works closely with Teammates from other Area Offices, remaining on location until electric power and communications services are restored.

With ongoing utility construction projects throughout the state, Electric Lineworker Apprentice graduates now serving across the country, and emergency restoration crews working all along the Eastern seaboard, Team Fishel’s Florida operation has established a very large footprint indeed. Our Florida Teammates are a big part of what might be called Team Fishel’s “Expeditionary Force” – ready to serve wherever duty calls.