Emergency Restoration Services in Team Fishel’s DNA

January 29, 2019

When heavy snowstorms, hurricanes, or thunderstorms take out electric power, the affected communities need help immediately. Without lighting or electric appliances homes quickly become unlivable. Schools and hospitals cannot serve their students and patients. And without heavy machinery, refrigeration and HVAC, business and industry stands still. There isn’t a moment to lose. That's why Emergency Restoration Services are such an important part of Team Fishel's service capabilities.

Ready to go 24/7/365!

Team Fishel is on call 24 hours a day, every day of the year and ready to help wherever needed. Mobile groups of Teammates based in Area Offices throughout much of the U.S. ensure rapid response capability. Fishel crews and equipment can deploy to affected areas within hours rather than days, and our Mobile Command Center provides on-site coordination, crisis management and advance logistics.

Ready to serve anytime, anywhere!

Electric utilities, municipalities and rural electric cooperatives depend on Team Fishel to respond quickly and effectively during an emergency. Whether we are replacing overhead electric cable, transformers or utility poles, customers know that Team Fishel will keep working until power is restored. In recent years, hundreds of Teammates have mobilized to help many Southeastern communities in the wake of Hurricanes Michael, Florence, Irma and Matthew. When Nor’easters battered the East Coast, our crews headed for the Mid-Atlantic region to help communities in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia. But regardless of storm or locale, Team Fishel stayed until the job was done.

There will be more storms in the years ahead and many cities and towns that need help. As always, Team Fishel will be ready to answer the call. It’s who we are. Emergency Restoration Service is part of our DNA!

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