Celebrating National Lineman Appreciation Day!

April 19, 2019

Electric power is something that is easy to take for granted. Except for the occasional outage during a storm, power is always there when we need it. We are accustomed to seeing Lineworkers and bucket trucks at work in our communities and rarely give them a second glance. National Lineman Appreciation Day 2019 is the perfect occasion for taking that second look.

Think about it. Electric Lineworkers are the folks who install and maintain electric transmission and distribution lines in cities, towns and rural communities throughout the Nation. And when snow storms, lighting, hurricanes or tornadoes cause an outage, Electric Lineworkers are on the scene to restore power as quickly as possible. They are on the job day or night, weekday or weekend, in the heat of summer or freezing winter.

On this National Lineman Appreciation Day, Team Fishel sends a big ‘Thank You!’ to all the men and women who serve as Electric Lineworkers throughout the country. You’re the best!