A brief look at Fishelosophy

August 16, 2019

The worldwide business community offers many examples of outstanding corporate culture. The best most often began with the personal philosophy or vision of the company’s founder. With a corporate culture that has thrived for 83 years, Team Fishel is proud to be among the finest.

Ken Fishel founded The Fishel Company in 1936. He was committed to providing the Customer a high- quality job at a fair price, and Ken's values have passed down for three generations of family ownership. But there is much more to the story. In addition to his pledge of quality work and a keen interest in beating the competition, Ken had a deep respect for working men and women. He was immensely proud of the people in his employ. Former Team Fishel Chairman Jeff Keeler once stated in a video interview that, Ken Fishel “looked for the best in everybody.”

Evolution of Fishelosophy in Team Fishel’s culture

Ken Fishel’s unwavering belief in people became the cornerstone for what is now called Fishelosophy, a guide for working and living that encompasses Respect, Honesty, Integrity, Commitment, Honor, and Trust. These straightforward principles for personal behavior and interacting with people are the foundation of the strong corporate culture that Team Fishel enjoys today.

The principles of Fishelosophy are universal and timeless. They have value for anyone in any endeavor.  Fishelosophy has guided Team Fishel through changing times and provides the driving force behind our Shared Core Values. It has propelled the evolution of a unique and exciting corporate culture. And for 2,500+ Teammates in 12 states, it provides a reliable compass for a career and for life.

 Fishelosophy is still going strong after 83 years. Ken Fishel had it right!